•  Two Sunfish Crossing
  •  Sunfish sailing on the Susquehanna River
  •  Sunfish with Rainbow Sail
  •  Sunfish and swimming in the Susquehanna River
  •  Sunfish with Colorful Sails Leave the SYC Docks
  •  Junior Sailors with Sunfish and Lasers

Lasers and Sunfish

The Susquehanna Yacht Club has two small boat fleets, the Lasers and the Sunfish.

We have several members who own and sail Sunfish sailboats. SYC uses Sunfish for youth sail training on a regular basis as part of our Junior Sailing Program.

The SYC Laser Fleet is a member fleet of District 10 of ILCA-NA. 

Lake Clarke on the Susquehanna is a great venue for small boat sailing, with islands near the Lancaster shore, that centerboard sailboats are well-suited to explore.